Employee Benefits

My services are not limited to individuals only. I offer benefits for employer groups of any size. I can handle most aspects of your insurance needs. These benefits work in conjunction with group health insurance. Please see the section for group health in the insurance services section.
I can offer a comprehensive and affordable group dental plan for employees. There are several options available so you can find the best one for your situation. These are available as voluntary or non-voluntary.

Getting term life for employees is surprisingly cheap. We can add additional benefit for AD&D at a very small price. Most plans have a conversion option.

I can also offer key man insurance for officers at the company.

I have vision insurance plans, NOT discount plans. We use plans with wide networks and very affordable premiums. These plans cover exams, frames, lenses and contacts.

If you end up in the hospital do you have the available funds to meet your deductible and co-insurance amounts?

These plans can help offset those costs if you have an accident, heart attack, stroke or develop cancer. These plans work with your health insurance because they pay YOU, not the provider.

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